Monday, September 22, 2014

Brownlow 14: The Viewers Who Contribute To The Channel 7 App Percentages Are Stupid.

I was looking for a photo of sand to make the last sentence of this update work. I found this. It's excellent.

First with the Lifeborker Mark of the Year. That was a typo. A great typo. Thank you typo gods. Uninteresting interview with the winner, Chad Wingard. I can't remember this happening before. A waste of time. Get on with it.

Ablett on 22. Kennedy on 17. Dangerfield on 15. Buddy on 15. I have money on Buddy! I will be rich! $5 at 20/1.... I will be a hundredaire!

Round 16: Did I say earlier that Kennedy won't win it? I could be wrong. He's on 17. Ablett has conceded defeat.

Round 17: Jarrad McVeigh's reading is rural drawl. I like it. Will Minson gets his one vote for the year. Selwood moves to 15. Cotchin on 13. Dangerfield on 18. Fyfe on 20. Kennedy on 20.

63% of the viewers on the channel 7 app still think Ablett will win it.

100% of people who download and contribute to the stats on that app are as stupid as sand.

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