Monday, September 22, 2014

Brownlow 14: I'm Not Sure If They Have Had Their Mains Yet.

Round 9: No votes for Collingwood against Adelaide. Was a tough year to be a pies supporter. Hymie is still reading fast and Lucy is still reading that ballet article. Ablett on 17. Dangerfield is on 14. It's ridiculous how many votes Ablett is getting.

Round 10: Read by Travis Boak. A credible reading. Ablett gets off elbowing someone's head off this round. Obviously the tribunal is rigged. Pendles is on seven or eight. Hymie is doing that slight pause drama thing already when reading Ablett game votes.

Round 11: Read by Jed Adcock. Lots of expression. I'd love to hear him read Under Milkwood. Buddy only seven votes. Beams on 11. Another smart money favorite, Robert Gray is on five. People are stupid if they thought he'd win it. Lucy is saying "Look how bored everyone looks. Have they had their mains yet?" I'm a Brownlow Footy's Night Of Nights Expert but I don't know the answer to this question.

Montage of Luke Ball and other retired footballers looking sad.

And now a toast to the retirees.

Awkward television.

Round 12: Andrew Swallow puts in a nice little read. Flair and timing. Footage of that funny fill in Hawthorn coach. Selwood isn't getting many votes. Pendles moves onto nine. Ablett on 18. He only has three more games to get votes. That makes 27. That's how many Selwood got last year. Ablett? He got 28.

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