Monday, September 22, 2014

Brownlow 14: Hymie Is Reading Too Fast.

This happened when Hymie read too fast in rehearsal.
Round 2: Pav is reading the round up. He's good at reading. A seagull shat on someone this round. Dustin Martin is looking smashing in a nice shirt. Really brings out the neck tatt. Another player who didn't shave his neck. Pendles gets his first three votes. Selwood one.

Round 3: Someone called Phil Davis reads this round up. He's good at reading too. Nice emphasis. Hymie is reading too fast. No emphasis. Just blur reading. It's a good thing I suppose because his talking book of the last Harry Potter only goes for 17 minutes.

Basil Zeppelin interviews Buddy and (we're supposed to call her this) "his model girlfriend". Nothing interesting to report.

Round 4: Pendles reads it. So much vision in this reading. Silky and gifted emphasis, though he sounds a bit like a squirrel. He's on five votes now. Selwood early leader on eight. A bunch of bums on six.

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