Monday, September 26, 2011

Brownlow 2011: Pendles Off to a Flyer

My wife comma Lucy keeps talking about how boring this awards night is. She wants to put on an awards night that out bores the Brownlows by having a bloke on stage just ranting random numbers for seven hours. I like the sound of it.

Round 3+4+Anzac Day. Pendles is off to a flyer. Gets another few votes. Dane Swan is doing okay too. Love to see them share it. If Demetrio doesn't slow down, he'll explode. I can't stand that Channel 7 voiceover guy called Neil Kearney.

And now for some more sexism talk by that Hamish guy and Rachel Finch about fashions. That's all it is really. Sexism. And it's not fun.

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