Monday, September 26, 2011

Brownlow 2011: Blue Carpet 2 Electric Blue Boogaloo

Twigley is wearing something that is "Corn" colored. "Corn" could be mustard, dijonaisse or something else.

Oh, there's another girl in "Corn". Richo reckons she looks AMAZING. I think Richo has only one of those adjective things in his mind. That's okay. Glenn Ridge only had three adjectives. And he got away with it on TV for years.

And there's another girl in Isis attire. Isis is so in this Spring.

There's Sammy from Soho who can be blamed for at least 30 of the players' suits. You can spot a Sammy creation. They're the ones with the over the top lapels and stupid stitching on the shirts. Richo reckons Sammy's Amazing.

The commentators are going nuts for Sharrod Wellingham's girlf in an electric blue thing. Richo liked someone else's dress because it's "nice and sparkley".

The Fashion Pod has just been renamed The Rotisserie. And that's that.

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