Friday, September 07, 2007

Drover's Dog 07: My Brand New Dog Blog!

Woof farken woof!

Another Nightwatchman offshoot.

Drover's Dog 07
, yet another election commentary blog.

But this one might get silly.

Here's an extract of the first posting....
Political blogs have been around forever. Just now, there's too many to read and fark, they're long winded and take it all too ridiculously seriously. You been to Online Opinion and Larvatus Prodeo lately? For fark's sake. Click the 'continue reading' buttons on their articles and you're stumped with a 2000 word article followed by 87 impassioned comments. Get through that and well, let's look at the word check for the top liner for today's Larvatus Prodeo and you got, I merde you non Monsieur, 5,040 words.

You won't get that here. I'm already bored of this posting and gee, we're only at 181 words. Besides, my regular readers at The Nightwatchman don't do commenting. They prefer to skim the article, giggle at the pics and then go back and stalk some more poor good lookin' bastards on Facebook.

Why call it Drover's Dog 07?
Because as of today, September 6th Howard's got no chance in hell of winning this one. Work Choices farked him up big time and he's so far behind nothing can save it. So the famous saying can be well and truly applied, even a drover's dog could lead Labor to victory.
All the drover's dog has to do now is play dead and he's got Howard boned.

Let's watch.
Oh, and the latest posting features a disturbing photo of John Howard's son, Rowland S Howard.

Very disturbing.

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