Monday, July 23, 2007

Oh What Sunny Winter Days!

The birds are singing and the bees are buzzin' on such a lovely winter's day. Yippedee doo dah! Life is grand. Hurrah, all is fine! All is great! Yay!

Why the gaiety?

I watched Carlton get beaten by 20 goals yesterday. A glorious pleasure to watch. Today they sacked sacrificed their coach, Denis Pagan, a bloke I never really liked.

Alright, I felt a tiny bit sorry for him for a minute because he couldn't do much with the rubbish players in his team (Oh hold on, he recruited Mick Martyn years ago. Fool. Nope, it's ALL PAGAN'S FAULT THEN!), but as a Collingwood supporter it's my duty to unconditionally love EVERY MINUTE of Carlton's woes.

Also Pagan is one of Wayne Carey's best mates. Carey might have even shed a tear.

If he could, that is.

Meanwhile as I type, some bozos at Essendon are meeting to decide whether to sack their coach, Kevin Sheedy.

Same meeting takes place at the club every year but because the board members are ultimately scared their home insurance policies and bank interest repayment plans are voided by the many thousands of auditors who support the club, Sheeds escapes the meeting.

With an extra year on wacked onto his contract and a pay rise.

By the way, on Radio National's Late Night Live, Phillip Adams conducted a one hour interview with Kevin Sheedy last month.

It's a lovely interview, covering way more than football. Their chat tells us that football has a long social history and is much more in our lives than a chance to gossip about rich young blokes who do nothing more than run, jump and drink.

Hot Pies.

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Glenn said...

Oh I was wrong. Sheedy's gone.

Watch your back Terry Wallace.