Wednesday, April 11, 2007

73 Things Or People I've Decided I Don't Like Anymore

One day cricket, William Burroughs, Cherry Bar, music magazines, record fairs, record shops, the advertising game, blogs, my inbred mates, fishing with soft plastics, the TV news (all channels), music on the radio, the psychedelic west coast, hippies, The Doors, Terry Wallace, shuffle, tennis, sleeping in the afternoon, Loaded Magazine, Yumbo’s, thongs, marshmallows, chicko rolls, The Nightwatchman, The Labor Party, Oasis, dates, gossip, loneliness, card games, Agatha Christie, Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games, Roy & HG on the radio, Beat & Inpress, talking about music, Big Brother, using two pillows, Steve Gutenberg, dancing, central heating, Bagatelles, this list, Seek, A2 section in the Saturday Age, chess, egg flip Big M, complaining, Led Zeppelin, unrequited love, Peter Carey, students, most Rolling Stones t-shirts, Monopoly, freelancing, Tony Blair, sustainability, Eminem, The Comedy Festival, 3RRR and 3PBS, pro golf, avid recyclers, Ikea, my clock radio, 64, stir frying, superlatives, 774 drive slot, writing in pencil, environmentalism, MTV, Channel V and writing this list.


Nina said...

You sound old.

Underweight cats, flatmates who you have to bug about bills, my pinky toes, farting, sitting down on the train, easter eggs, my haircut, t-shirts that are too short and show your belly, blogs, the advertising game, monopoly, people who steal from other people's lists, people thinking you stole from their list but actually you really do hate some of the same things, when it gets dark real quick, your inbred mates, boobs, expat kiwis, baldness, tasteful tattoos, blog stat counters, the bogans across the street, moving stuff, flossing, friendly junkies, the librarian at Flemington library, art shows, men with a long pinky fingernail, mirrored aviator sunglasses, Bono, Quentin Tarantino, people who clap in movies, whoever wrote the script for the 300, third-wave feminism, chewing gum, slouching, backpackers, home-makers, kite-surfers, their vans, their girlfriends, sturdy women, half-rainbows, triangles, religious types, atheists, the short, ugly children, cheap headphones, sleep-eating, the karma sutra, dirty standing fans, boxes as furniture, foreskins, soy milk, jumping, Europe, bread with flour still on it, conversations, Harry Potter, ecohouse reality tv shows, the biggest loser, tabbed browsing,, blu-tac, decorating things, boys in bands, baggy trousers, facial hair, keyholes without keys, my belt with a crown on it, sporty types, counting up to 73, narrators.

Glenn said...

Good list Nina. I agree with your dislike of most of what you got down there.


I don't recall you ever liking the bogans across the street, men with a long pinky fingernail, the 300 script writers or The Biggest Loser.

The rest checks out.

Nina said...

I did like The Biggest Loser for a while. I just didn't like to talk about it. The bogans across the street started saying hello to us, but now they've stopped, so they totally count. And I had a crush on a Japanese guy in my 5th form biology class who had a long pinky fingernail.

I paid $27 to see the 300, so you could argue I liked those writers plenty at that point, but I'll concede that it is borderline. Which is, incidentally, not very Spartan of me. NEVER SURRENDER!!

Katia said...


Glenn said...


Clare said...

I love many things that you hate, does this mean we can no longer be friends?

Glenn said...

That's the beauty of the list of 73.

There was a time I really liked everything in it.

But I think we'll be right.

nailpolishblues said...

Who likes unrequited love?

Anonymous said...

Why don't u like an Egg Flip Big M?

robyn Vic.