Monday, December 05, 2005

Miaow, Alex Papps Is Back!

Everywhere I went this weekend I caught up with and accidently bumped into friends from my olden days. Weddings and barbeques are good like that.

Of the many I said, "Sheesh, it's been a long time," to is old university chum, rock star and boating enthusiast, Beth Proudley, whose blog thingy, [m i a o w] the cat is bigger (878 entries to my tiny 258!), and much better looking than mine.

Talking of bumping into people from ye olden days....

Get this.

Friday night and a small group of us were outside a restaurant, talking up 80's heart-throb, Alex Papps. And Jeff, my mate who's toured with Keanu, mentions he's met Papps through an old friend a few times. Funny Papps stories ensue and then we go inside to eat.

Ten minutes later we're sitting in the restaurant waiting for entrees and who walks in?


And Jeff did know him. As we were leaving Jeff started talking to the Papps. They talked for a long time. Papps tells Jeff he's about to sign on to do an extremely popular kids TV show.

The Papps is back.



Anonymous said...

The Papps is back? Surely in our hearts he never went away! A god in stonewash denim - I swooned, didn't you? Ramona

Glenn said...

Indeed you did.

He is very handsome. Ye kind of handsomeness that makes you want to challenge him to a duel even if he's not cutting thy lunch.

Come hither Papps, thou beslubbering flap-mouthed cankerblossom! I'll 'ave thou!

Anonymous said...

He is no Richard Grieco.

Beth said...

Hey! I scored a mention! All I remember about Papps is that stonewash. Can't really contemplate him without it somehow.

Glenn said...

Jeff's dad invented stonewash.

True dinks.