Friday, November 25, 2005

Keanu Reeves: Time For A Reassesment?

On reading that Keanu Reeves is to play the lead role in the new James Ellroy film, The Nightwatchman, I thought I’d better have another look at the man, the actor and Renaissance Poet.

First, he cops a lot of flack about Bill & Ted’s Whatever Adventure. But other than that he’s appeared in over 40 movies. He’s got to be more than an alright actor if they keep asking him back.

And there’s a lot of you out there who love The Matrix movies. Me? Couldn’t understand the first one. Maybe I was having a bad brain day but nothing’s going to get me back there.

I think Tony Curtis summed it up in Sweet Smell of Success, “That’s yesterday’s fish. And I’m not buying it.”

He also cops a bunch of flack over his musical career with his band Dogstar and that other band he had with Johnny Depp and The Butthole Surfers’ Gibby Haynes.

In the late 1990’s Dogstar toured Australia. Their tour support was indeed your friend and mine, Jeff Samin’s rock’un’roll band, Musket. I’ve heard nothing but positive road stories about that tour. But I’m afraid I can’t tell you any. What happens on the road, stays on the road.

According to Wikipedia:

He was born in Beirut, Lebanon.

Unlike many actors of today, Reeves is known to defer salaries if it means getting another actor for the film. He deferred his salary for The Devil's Advocate so Al Pacino could be cast, and The Replacements for Gene Hackman.

He is reportedly fond of chess, motorcycles, ice hockey, and plays a ferocious game of ping-pong.

He does not have (by 'Hollywood' standards) many possessions and keeps his life uncluttered.
So is Keanu Reeves up to playing me in The Nightwatchman? I’ll tell you when they show me the first rushes.

What do you think about Keanu Reeves? Is it time we start talking up the big guy as a good actor and bodacious dude? Click the comments thingy and tell us all about it!

I've done some digging about Keanu's Dogstar tour with me mate Jeff's band, Musket. Unlike some of the rockdogs in his band, Keanu was quite a quiet guy on tour.

"Nice guy. Much better bass player than actor," Jeff exclusively tells The Nightwatchman.
"I accidently gave him the master copy of the album we had just recorded. I only realised this after the tour had finished when Keanu left some messages on our home answering machine offering to swap the cd for a copy."

"Then a dickhead housemate erased all the messages so I lost Keanu's mobile number. All credit to him, though. He did his best to get the cd back to me."


Anonymous said...

Yes, I think it's time Keanu Reeves gets credit for his acting skills. He's like a young Clint Eastwood only better!!!

Anonymous said...

The Night Watchman is being filmed as we speak, right ?
Something to look forward to.
We've got great expectation of this movie.

Anonymous said...

He himself admits he isn't the best actor in the world (...but who is after all?), but he isn't the worst for sure. Some of his performances are better than others, he is a minimalistic, more European than American actor. But altogether I like his work. He tries, sometimes wins, sometimes loses. But as Brannagh told once, he does both with grace. And he's an unassuming, well-mannered, generous and down-to-earth guy. Which makes him nice to me.

Anonymous said...

Most of the movies he's done in the last 10 years have been either good or really great. I myself wouldn't want to be judged on what I did 20 years ago. Give the guy a break!

Anonymous said...

Give Reeves credit: he performed well in Rivers Edge, and gave a great physical performance in the Gift. How much credit are we giving US actors for overacting? Keanu rarely over acts; he is subtle in his performance and that seems undervalued at times.

Anonymous said...

After saw "The Little Buddha", I feel that he is a great actor.

ohgod said...

i really like him..his girlfriend is sooo lucky to get to hang out with him. Hes such an amazing guy.

Glenn said...

Big hello to the hundreds of Keanu fans who've visited The Nightwatchman to read my little thingy about their idol.

There's even been a discussion about all this on Keanu fansite,

Here's some highlights....

mushi_cat reckons:
"Interesting reading but nothing really new about this...?"

niobe doesn't really like me:
"That guy's not only condescending--but plainly lying. The movie's not being filmed, it's not based on Glenn Peters's blog--and he didn't get the facts about Keanu's bands right, so don't bother reading it!"

61sunrise complains:
"I read this and thought, "This is why Keanu hates talking with journalists, why he'll do anything to avoid interviews." I would not trust these people with my private life either."

And slugger contemplates:
"Ok, he's not being mean on Keanu,that much is true. But I get the feeling he's not very fond of the man either. And what kind of digging did he do on Keanu's life when there isn't even the slighest info about his life or his carreer? The only thing I didn't know so far is that Keanu likes to play ping-pong (sarcastically speaking... "wow"!). Now, didn't I need that info to keep my admiration for Keanu Reeves going!!! Well, crap. Mister, get a life!"

Glenn said...

Another one from

Classyfox writes:
"Hello everyone--I'm trying to type with my left hand nowadays, because I've had a cast on a brken hand for the past 2 weeks or so. Anyhow,..this hare-brained writer is another example of those who manage to think of something to say only if inspired by someone else's blather It's easy when you pick a ready-made target like Keanu But I don't think Keanu's attitude about journbalists and interviews have done him any good. As a matter of fact, at this time in his life, it will work against him."

Sheesh, some of these Keanu fans are quite touchy. I thought my original article was fairly endearing of the bloke.

Vivian Taube said...

Oops--I repeated myself, inadvertently. lol

Vivian Taube said...

Why did you delete what I wrote, Glenn?

Glenn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I am one of those fans from KeanuWeb. I have enjoyed Keanu Work, since 1986. I am not here to blast you, but more then that ask the other KeanuWeb commentors(spelling??) WHERE IN THE BLOODY RIGHT LANE ARE YOU GETTING THIS MAN IS BASHING KEANU IN ANYWAY?!??!?! and why is a mortal sin if he doesn't like the guy as much you or me or anyone else? Last time I checked everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You don't like it. You don't have to look at it. Much less comment on then lie and say *He is bashing Keanu boowhoo whooo* To the person who said there is not any personal stuff on Keanu. What planet are you from, NEWSFLASH!!! If there was no personal information about him, how would Keanuweb even exist! Somewhere out there, there is personal nformation. How would you know what his name means? How would you know he has a girlfriend? How would you know about Ava and Jenn? Or about Same? If his personal life didn;t leak out, threw people he knows that leak it to the press, under anonymous names. Or Ex's who spill their guts, like Rachael. As far as if Nigh Watchman is being filmed, no i do not believe it is, for Keanu has said he will not return back to filming untill, January when he starts filming Stompanato. BUT we don't know if this is actually true, maybe after he said that, someone called and he had to start now. We don't know, unless you are a stalking the guy or hanigng out with him, at this current moment, You don't know the truth either. So Why did all you waste your time bashing Glenn. When He actually said AND I QOUTE! "THE MAN MOST HAVE TALENT IF THEY KEEP ASKING FOR HIM" HMM last I checked that is not bashing that is a compliment. Just because he is not a fan doesn't give you the right to bash him. I mean Jeez people. You act like Keanu is the only man on earth. Yes I have admired him and his work for YEARS! But not even I will get a pissing contest with a non keanu reeves fan. It is a waste of time.
Thank You
Mum, to my Lil' Bear (2-years-old)
PS Did I sum that up about right?
For the record, I did enjoy your blog/remarks about Keanu. I found nothing about it, bashing, just your honest personal opinion. And the opinion of your friends, who once again back to KanuWeb girls also did not bash Ke, but said "hE was a wonderfully nice man" okay I am finished ranting and raving. I just don't like somene getting critized for something, they didn't even say or do. Glenn I would ust about bet, if on the slightest (spelling?) chance Keanu broswed over your site, I am sure he would enjoy as well, he seems more open minded then most his fans.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blurb. I like the part about him attempting yo return the mastr copy. He's a decent and stand up guy.

If "The Night Watchman " is made, it will honor all of those who watch the night.

Jan said...
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Bethanie said...

Poor Glenn. Yes, we Keanu fans are a touchy lot. Our boy takes a lot of abuse and there's something about him that arouses all our protective instincts. You should see the feathers fly when someone says something really negative. It looks like a pack enraged hens ripping up a pillow. ;^)

Glenn said...

A few more highlights from the discussion about my blog thingy from

niobe again:
"This guy's a blogger who's never met, much less talked to, Keanu. Anyone can start a blog... and therefore I don't see why this is an example of anything working against him. He treats important people with respect, and can't be bothered with the rest, simple as that. Why he should change all of a sudden after nearly 20 successful years is beyond me. I wonder why fans feel the need to bash him, thus effectively putting themselves on the same level as the critics they so despise?"

"I liked this part-"All credit to him, though. He did his best to get the cd back to me." Keanu was very considerate but it just seems like the kind of guy he is. I think the blogger was pretty tongue in cheek about the Night Watchman."

"his "staunch fans" still have an image they expect him to live up to. His wondering away from that image is bad enough, but now he also has to battle the age factor.Stupid as it is,being 40 can put an actor in a precarious position in Hollywood. He'd BETTER care about "opinions"!"

"The one thing I hated the most about what was written in this story was that he continued to bash Keanu's acting! Nothing peeves me off more then a jealous writer who can't say more than Keanu's a bad actor! If that were true then why is he so big? Sucky people don't make it in this world like he has! I just really hate the haters! It burns my butt!!!"

ShibuiSue said...

I thought they weren't making this movie. Are they or aren't they????

Anonymous said...

The Night Watchman project has gone through some changes. Spike Lee was attached but he's making a Katrina documentary and a cop flick with Denzel. I hope it happens. Keanu is good at playing dark charaters, like in "The Gift", "Much Ado About Nothing" and "The Watcher".

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Tsk tsk, Glen, I'm afraid you inadvertantly opened a huge can of worms here. Everyone in "Keanu Fan Land" knows the names of the several nuttos who post huge diatribes regarding Keanu and conspiracy theories, etc. You are perfectly justified in deleting those comments.

Anyway, for the record, in terms of acting, I will say that Keanu tries. He tries very hard. And as far as we understand, he is a rather humble and good person.

But I don't think he was ever in a band with Johnny Depp. Where did you get THAT piece of misinformation?

Glenn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
queen182 said...

My opinion? Keanu is a Movie Star! He is a private man who enjoys what he does for work. He has been blessed with experiences, knowledge and memories....Time spent working with others. Those others speak of him with a quiet reguard. He deserves the glory, cuz he has the guts to lay it on the line. To go the extra mile, reach down for that extra 10 percent. He is confident in his own boyish way. And is it his fault he's so bloody cute? His laugh...makes me chukle. I look forward to the day we meet and become friends. Ping Pong you say?

sherema2x said...

Mr. Reeves is just another soul on this planet doing the best he can with what he's got. We're all the same. He just looks a little better doing it.

Glenn said...

That's beautiful, Sherema2x.

Good luck with your new blog!

Anonymous said...

Reading this blog has been nothing less than amusing... For everyone to get worked up into such a tizzy over a fellow human being whom, frankly none of us has met is hysterical!!
While, yes Mr. Reeves does seem to be a level-headed guy, he's endured some pretty humbling and public experiences that have kept him grounded.
I thoroughly appreciate that my personal life (complete with its ups and downs) can remain private.
For someone in Mr. Reeves position it must (on some level) feel completely violating to see your private life and twisted versions (half0truths/lies) about it splashed all over the media. To me it would feel like being robbed on a daily basis.

Minnie said...
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Anonymous said...

I didn't see anywhere where Glenn was condescending. I'm a Keanu fan from waaay back, and yes we can be rabbid ;) Trust me when I say Keanu is like a very fine red wine.

Anonymous said...

Just curious. Have you ever had so many posts to something you've written?

Glenn said...

No, not on this site anyway.

The discussion about my Keanu story on Keanuweb has over 50 posts.

I'm quite flattered by the attention and would love it if some of you Keanu fans would leave comments on some of my other non Keanu related stories.

Years ago I wrote something on the discussion thingy which attracted over 500 comments.

Anonymous said...

well, Glenn, now that Keanu's brought me here, I'm going to check out the rest of your site.

Fellow Melbournian :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There is no bad mouthing K.R in this article, merely the question, why is this man so populair?
Its very understandable that many ask themselves this question, just as many will ask this question regarding other actors or singers etc
Appreciation for others, lays in the understanding of that what is presented to ones senses.
K.R seems to be moving within the world of higher electromagnetic fields.
Which explains why he is so sensitive. He knows there is more than meets the eyes. He has entered the world of the unusual, more than ones.
He is spiritual, in the sense of awareness of all that is around him and the unusual.
He came to know the meaning of spiritual love, thus knowing it to exist, and by this wanting to obtain that feeling he came to know.
Always in search of that feeling, mistakingly, thinking to have found it a few times, due to false translation of his own instinct. That befalls all of us from time to time.
Pain and Doubt leading his questions, seeking penance for his ways, counsciously or unconsciously.
K.R sees, feels, and knows more than the average human. Thus caution being the name of the key, he uses to open or close the door, that would enable others to peep through.
K.R is one of the few public figures, who was granted to know what this Spiritual Love thing is all about. Meditation being one way to open this door, if the house [body-soul] is ready to receive this knowledge.
Many would say wonderfull, yet others would say..not quit. Once a person gets to know this, the person will always be in a quest to find that feeling.
Many seek soul-mates, such as he has done or at least said he did, or thought he found.
Leaving his [very old] soul disappointed or even hurt, a mistake many make. Stead looking for his soul mate, K.R, should try looking into the matter of Twin-Flame.
His ' presence' shows us that he seems to be a half of a whole twin flame, both being present on earth at the same time, which is something that happens, according journals, only every so many xxx years. Officially this should make him very happy, were it not that he does not seem to have a clue.
K.R should really ask himself, why Europe seems to have such a pull on him.
K.R should also ask himself, why he does not seem to find that what he is looking for with younger females, and why he feels at ease with older females. If indeed he is half/part of a Twin-Flame, as some seem to think, then this would explain why he can not give himself, and remain in relationships with younger females. If he is indeed part of this Twin Flame, then he can only find that what he is looking for with a female his age or a little older then his age. It is said/written, that when it comes to twin flames being both present at the same time on earth, that the female mostly will be 2 years older.
K.R should also be aware, of the why's and reasons for everything that has happen so far in his life. He should ask himself why Munich and why Paris. He should ask himself why his love for the paranormal. He should ask himself, why he chooses the movies he does.
Within all of his choices lays the answers to the questions he has in life.
He should go back in history [ the myths this country contains], regarding his birthplace, his fathers birthplace [the myths this place contains]the complete meaning of his name, and not just 'some cool breeze over some mountain' for their is a higher meaning to his name, europe/paris contains a history connected to egypt and blood(=life-force= spirit=knowledge), music, sensing, knowing things he never read about. And why his childhood not so legal fantasy.
He should look up his b-sign, the star/planet Sirius, and to what they are connected, and what the zodiac story is attached to his sign, as well as 2 other zodiac signs. Answers are to be found in the Matrix ( this movie was not an accident nor just because, the b-date of his other half, according to some, seems to be encoded within this movie) as well as clues in Constatine.
All of the above will give him insights and understanding, thus enabling him to find that what his hearts is aware exist on earth right now.

Further more, I have no idea who this Vivian person is, but I see that many seem to think that he is in danger..could be..this will depend entirely on himself, will he recognise in time or not.
Fact is that we all can agree K.R to have something special, that can not be defined by the many, that triggers not understanding this man, or even not liking him.

K.R has a interesting road ahead of him. He still has a one movie to make, which is not mentioned yet, which will bring him all the way up, taking the crown away from others in his line of work.
K.R is about way more than most people could even imagine.

Respect to a man that holds his own, in a world that seeks to own your soul.

Who I am? Somebody, who loves the paranormal and looks at the progress of things.

Anonymous said...

Very disquieting post above. True or not, to presuppose something so deeply is disturbing.

Keanu- just a captivating presence. He has an aura. In his work, in his life- of grace and old fashioned honor. A man from another time.

He works damned hard. He prepares amd prepares and approaches each project with humility of someone doing " his first film" in the words of one of his co stars. That is reason enough to like the man.

To see him march on, do what he feels right ignoring the conventional wisdom of what a star should do, that courage should be enough to admire him.

To see him not lose that unfailing courtesy and kindness- commented on by many fellow actors despite withering criticism, should be enough to make him special, very special indeed.

That is why I am his fan.

Anonymous said...

I always hear someone say. well this man really isnt a great actor. i have seen some of his work and own a great mojority of his movies. and the one i think is kinda weird and gay lol is johnny nemonic. not because of keanu. his acting was swell in that movie. i just dont like movies that are similiar to something like total recal. its to much. i think movies about the future should be saved for the future. well not now a days they really made things alot more beliveable since 2000 but before when they were making movies about the future it was ridiculos. i cant wait to see the night watchman. every new movies that comes out about keanu i am always looking forward to see. maybe someday he will be in a movie that iw wrote. anyways off subject. i was talking about people who say people cant act. everyone has an opinion. but no one not even me can be the judge of that. since humans have diffrent taste then all our opinions are diffrent. what one likes another may hate. so where does it leave us in critizing what people can do on film. i think anyone who has a negative or positive comment be aloud to say what they want. you know for a fact that this blog or whatnot aint going to change your mind so there is no reason to get all huffy about it. i think he made some good comments about keanu. and some here just so so. but this is what he thinks or she. no actor or actress is bad or good. they just act. what is made of them is what the public thinks of them. we are what makes them good or bad. keanu those as a comment from me is an excellent actor and he can plan any modde or emotion and can cry really well. in devils advocate he didnt try to get the cute little cry face. he look so funny. the real face that you would see when a person suffers a tragic moment such as the one he did in the movie. anyways this is my comment to all the others and to his blog

thanks a bunch

oh and by the way i have a site with a page dedicate to keanu reeves. check it out.

cheryl said...

I have read this page and I agree where nuts who cause hassle for Keanu need to be recognised by his closest people, just for his own safety. I live in the UK and he doesn't realy come over here that much which is a shame as he has a goo following here. His acting skills are getting better and better with ever film he does, and I am so looking forward to this new one. From what I have found out is the Night Watchman has been filming for a week or 2 now and is being released early next year.
This man will go far with everything he does, These reporters need to give the guy a break, he has had alot of hassle in his personal life and needs to keep that personal.
My ultimate top 5 films this guy has done are
1. Speed
2. The Replacements
3 The Matrix Trilogy
4. Walk In the Clouds
5. Constatine

What are your favourites??
Thanks for this blog
Cheryl x

Anonymous said...

How about top 6?

A Scanner Darkly
My Own Private Idaho
The Matrix
Rivers Edge
The Gift

Anonymous said...

Make that top 7 :)

Much Ado About Nothing

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Keanu's not such a bad actor. His performances in movies are 'hit and miss'. He's a bit of eye candy and by all accounts, a decent guy who's just had more than his fair share of bad luck. That's why his fans are so protective of him. There's something about him that crazy people seem to identify with hence most of the crazies can be found on Keanu fora.

Anonymous said...
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