Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dear Danny, You Are An Angry Freak Who Should Go To Jail

Somebody should close down the so-called church, Catch The Fire. Their pastors were found to have vilified Muslims by a Melbourne Court today.

The court ordered they must apologise or they will face a prison sentence.

Pastor Danny Nalliah has been doing the talk radio rounds protesting the verdict. I heard him speak to ABC's Virginia Trioli a few minutes ago and couldn't resist sending him this email.
Dear Danny,

I have just heard your interview with Virginia Trioli on ABC 774.

I found your arguments and manner extremely offensive and morally inept.

How can your angry rhetoric possibly help you achieve your church's 'vision' "to reach people from all walks of life into the Kingdom of God."

By the way, your website is almost as ugly as your opinions.


Glenn Peters

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