Monday, June 27, 2005

Dear Danny Update


I got a reply from Catch the Fire Ministries' Danny
Nalliah (pictured above). Here it is.
to me

Thanks mate. it is a free democracy. you have your right to have your say.
Thanks and many blessings/Danny
And here's my response, emailed only minutes ago.
Dear Danny,

I have problems with you hiding behind the "free democracy" argument.

First, list me all the times the word, "democracy" is mentioned in the bible.

I'll help you. Zero.

And if there's one concept you see a lot of in that book it's "love".

Where's the love in your corrupt gibberish against Islam? Isn't "love" the most important of all words for all Bible following Christians?

Finally, democracy is not free. Democracy and a right to free speech comes with responsibility. You know, morals, values and all that. In everything we do, we must think of a correct and reasonable way of doing so.

For example, I could call you an evil Sri Lankan cunt stick but doing so would be wrong. Sure, I'm "free" to call you an evil Sri Lankan cunt stick but I know as a man of the cloth, you would be offended and possibly hurt by such debase arguments. Therefore, in this email I've chosen not to call you an evil Sri Lankan cunt stick.


Glenn Peters
Stay tuned for more.

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