Monday, September 26, 2016

Brownlow 16: Tim Rogers Was Just On.

Round 4 and 5. It's a drab affair. No vibe. Nobody is drunk. You can cut the tedium with a knife. It's so quiet in there, you can almost hear the rain hitting the casino roof. We need some entertainment on stage stat. Alyssa Camplin, pies board member, Olympian reads the montage. She's good. ANZAC Day round. Dangerfield on 8. Parker on 10. According to the TV, Dangerfield is best on ground for pretty much every game from now on.

Montage of old players. A bunch of 300, 350 and 400 something game players. Then it fades out to a talent show ad. The biggest noise I've heard on my TV for 20 minutes.

There's a responsible gambling ad followed by a horse racing carnival ad followed an ad for savoury shapes. The crosses to the gambling houses will be on a bit later. We live in a strange, inconsistent world.

Round 6 read by Kokkinakis, the tennis player. Dangerfield on 11. Luke Parker leading with 13. He had a great year. I love it when the votes don't go the way all the experts predicted.

Round 7 read by footy's second voiceover voice after that guy you hear at the footy all the time, TIM ROGERS. Best job so far. So much pizazz with Berlin Chair in the background. If I was producing this thing there would be more of that. Dangerfield on 14.

Cut to a betting shill talking odds. Didn't take long to shit all over that responsible gambling ad from the last ad break.

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