Monday, September 26, 2016

Brownlow 16: Let the Votes Begin And Of Course, Greame Teasdale's Suit

Geez, it just started. No arsing about*. Just straight into the votes. No montages. No bullshit. Just straight to the counting. Strange television.

Then after the first round of votes there's an interview with Greame Teasdale ABOUT THAT SUIT.

He seems a bit annoyed about 'that stinking brown suit'. He shouldn't be. It was pure genius. I didn't think I'd be talking about the suit this early. Geez, channel seven. Peaking too early. It's not even 8:30.

Round 2: Eddie Betts gets 2 votes and Cyril gets 1. In my world of beautiful footy, both would be favourites for tonight but you know, mid fielder medal and all that.

Round 3: They have members of the public reading the montages. Bringing it back to the fans or whatever. Usually they have old previous winners or Nobel laureates reading it but this year, it's people. Dunno if it's going to work. Dangerfield on 6 votes. Aaron Hall on an amazing 9 votes.

*Chucking a brown eye became illegal today.

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