Monday, September 28, 2015

Brownlow 15: I Feel Sorry For My Wife

One Brownlow tradition is my wife, Lucy complaining all night about TV and Sport's Night of Nights. Usually it's "I can't believe they televise this". I like that one but already in a group text she's nailed the Red Carpet with...

"I'm disgusted by it. This shit shouldn't happen in Turnbull's Australia."


And now it's...

"I'm going to do the dishes and clean the bathroom. I can't stand this anymore."

Lucy. It's only been 10 minutes.

R2. Didn't pick up which player is narrating. He sounds like he's pretty new to that whole 'reading' thing. Votes. Dangerfield gets one vote and moves to three. Fyfe gets his first three votes. Goldstein gets one. 

R3. Rad by Fyfe. So much pizzaz in his reading. He is actually jiggling his hips to bring home the dud jokes provided to him. Who writes this shit? "I don't care, I'm a showman," says Fyfe. Pendles moves to three. Judd gets one vote. Definitely will win this Brownlow. 

A swallow got a vote. 

A swallow, yesterday.
I need a drink already.

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