Monday, September 28, 2015

Brownlow 15: Bugger The Red Carpet. Here's The Big Dance.

"It's a Brownlow count like no other."

It's not. It will be exactly the same as it always is. A man reading votes, montages and blokes getting pissed on Crownies. It starts with James Blunt, rhymes with bunt, singing one of his shit songs.

Gillon McLaughin' calls quorum and away we go.

Fantastic footage of a body builder armor guard guy delivering the votes. He looks like Fabio.


R1. Read by Matt Priddis. He's okay at reading. His hair looks like Fabio tonight. Does he wash it much? Bryce Gibbs getting the first vote for the night. He leads for 0.15 of a second. McLaughin' is fast. I hope he slows down.

You know what he sounds like? The LMCT 717171717117 guy in car dealer radio ads.

No votes for the favourites. And then a montage dedicated to Todd Goldstein. In the misheard lyric of some Black Eyed Peas song, tonight's gonna be a long night.

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