Friday, November 14, 2014

Shark Hump Whale Feeding Frenzy: One Of The Greatest Press Releases You'll Ever Read.

A shark yesterday.
This fantastic press release was sent out to media earlier in the week.

I don't know much about Ric D.T Wilson, the bloke who wrote it but I do know he has written a book which you can buy here on Abe Books and here at Amazon.



Shark patrol flight for Wednesday to gather intelligence on shark numbers and types off the Victorian coastline discovered the following. 

Images taken. 

Rye surf beach 38'2458 and 144'4770 GPS co-ordinates. 

8 metre adult Humpback whale being flayed apart by at least 2-3 juvenile Great White sharks around at least 3 metres in length. 

What attracted me to the site was the oily slick (blubber and offal) reaching to the surf zone where surfing operations were being conducted. 

There was a possibility that someone may have been coated with this oily substance. 

Seabirds were also in on the act amidst a giant tail floating lifeless on the surface amidst the carnage of this once majestic creature being systematically disemboweled. 

Between now and Christmas this is the dangerous time for Great Whites in our water ways including both bays. 

The new year will then usher in the Whaler sharks. 

With hundreds missing off these dangerous beaches during the past 50-60 years (including Harold Holt former PM) the public should be reminded about not being complacent. 

Play it safe whilst out in the water and note the changes taking place in our enviroment as whale numbers increase along with these protected Great White sharks - the main reason whales strand in valiant attempts to get away from being hunted and torn apart. 

I have video evidence on this from Queensland. 

NOTE: Ref my 2003 book THE S FILES OPEN JAWS CLOSED MINDS.  98369452 or 041-2037452.

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