Monday, September 23, 2013

Brownlow 2013: Proof That The Brownlow Isn't The Most Boring Thing On TV

Round 19 is commentated by Greg Williams. He is not the best reader tonight. He's doing his best though. This was the week my pies were beaten by one of those new teams. No votes to Swan this time. Buddy gets his 5th vote. I'm wrong. Swan gets 3. Moves to 21. I'm getting a little excited. Selwood also ducks into 21.

Round 20 and Woewodin is reading again. Remember when he won a Brownlow? This game against Essington I think Swan gets lots of votes. This could get interesting. Well, it's the Brownlow, an aggressively uninteresting affair.

Come on Swannnnnie.... No votes.

Ablett still up by 4 over Hannebery, Selwood and Swannnnnnie.

Twitter tells me that David Suzuki is on QandA.

And you thought the Brownlow was the most boring thing on television?

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