Monday, September 24, 2012

Brownlow 2012: You All Know It's Rigged Don't You?

The Swisse Best Dressed Red Carpet Winner yesterday.
Round 3. I remember it well. The pain of getting flogged by Carlton. Judd gets his 6th vote. I hope he gets most votes and loses. Ablett gets his third 3 votes in a row. So rigged. He might get 50 votes if this keeps up. Not might, will.

"I'm stoked," he tells Cameron Ling. It's already embarrassing.

Round 4 and Israel Folou's first goal in footy gets on the highlight reel. Gary Ablett stuffs his leg this round. Jobe Watson onto 8. Dane Swan no votes. Despite thousands of people yelling into the TV, Demetriou won't slow down.

Is it round 5 or 6? I'm dizzy. I'm confused. Luke Darcy referred to a mark as a "catch". Dunderhead. ANZAC Day game. Swan gets best on ground. It was the most dominant best on ground I've seen since his coach played. Dangerfield gets his first 3 votes. Ablett is still on 9 votes.

This year the red carpet shit competition is called the Swisse Red Carpet Swisse Best Dressed Whatever. Don't know what vitamins have to do with frocks.

Neither do I care.

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