Monday, September 24, 2012

Brownlow 2012: There You Go.

This is not Josh Kennedy's Columbian girlfriend. There you go. 
Round 6. Dayne Beams gets his first votes. Dane Swan nowt. Ablett? Nowt. Someone called Rory Sloane gets his 6th vote. Demetriou gets to say ARR NAHAS for the first time. This is going way way way too fast.

Round 7. Brian Taylor does the voice over the montage thing. I loved BT as a player but he's really giving me the shits as a commentator. Especially after his hand in the Leon Davis balls up over the preseason.

The Sunts won their first game this round. I don't care. And Ablett got no votes. Richmond's Cotchin gets his first 3 votges. Swan moves to 8 with Pendles. Yes, I barrack for Collingwood. I don't care too much about the rest. Jobe Watson at the lead, a record 13 votes. He looks nervous.

Now an interview with some Sydney players via satellite in the Sydney rooms. Remember when they used to always cross over to Paul Roos via satellite from a different country every year? Oh. Basil Zempelis is interviewing a Josh Kennedy's Columbian girlfriend. Very very cringeworthy. And Bruce tells us that they met during the shooting of a TV ad, pronouncing "THERE YOU GO"

Who would have thunk it?

There you go.

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