Monday, September 24, 2012

Brownlow 2012: Jobe Watson Will Win It (I Think).

This year's Brownlow Medal winner and his dad (well, I think he'll win it)
It's hotting up. Round 19. Watson in the lead with 29 with Ablett on 23 and Swan on 22. Watson gets three. I hate Essington.

Round 20. Collingwood killed Sydney. Beams should get votes, stealing off Swan. Swan was on drinking leave. He can't win it. No votes to Ablett!!! I hope this Essington guy wins it. He moves to 30. Mitchell on 23.

Only a few rounds to go and Watson will struggle to get votes. Ablett has a couple of best on grounds to go but I don't think he'll catch up.

Meanwhile on QandA... I don't care what happens on QandA.

Bruce interviewing Dane Swan. Dane rounding his vowels. Struggling with words. He gets through the interview without passing out.

As it says in the headline, Jobe will win it.

There will be a riot if Gary Garry Junior wins it.

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