Monday, September 24, 2012

Brownlow 2012: Football's Night Of Nights Pt 1

Me, yesterday.
So away we go. Everyone's favorite night of watching footballers drink while listening to a bloke chant a bunch of numbers at the screen. It's boring. It's shithouse. And of course, it's the best TV ever.

And without further ado, Mick Malthouse reads something they wrote about Round 1 with Kiss playing in the background.

Demetriou starts reading. Really fast. Buddy has three votes. Simon Black gets three. Gary Ablett gets three votes. He's already winning. This is rigged. I'm already angry.

Round 2 and Cameron Ling reads stuff about what happened to a dance music soundtrack. Judd gets three. Jobe Watson gets his fourth. Dane Swan gets his first three votes. Slow down Demetriou. Ablett gets three votes again. It's fucking rigged.

Mark of the year montage. Gobsmacking marks. About 100 of them. Maybe more. Aww!! What mark!!! Awww!!! Awww!!!

It's only 8:28pm. Two rounds and a montage. So fast. But something will happen like an interview or a thousand crosses to sponsors and we'll be still watching this past midnight.

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