Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Letter To My Mayor

This is the an email I sent to my council mayor, Robert Doyle last Friday. No reply yet.

Dear Lord Mayor,

Seeing that you can get rid of protesters from the city, please could you get rid of the protesters outside the Wellington Street fertility clinic. You denied a link between the two protesters on 774 this morning but to somebody who lives in the area and votes for council elections, the link is obvious.

These protesters gather almost every day. This is at the end of my street. I live in Vale Street.

They're disturbing, intimidatory and their placards are deeply offensive.

They scare my wife from visiting the post office. Should my wife have to go to the Richmond Town Hall post office when there's one at the end of our street?

Several times I've seen people walking past abusing the protesters and almost coming to blows. This is a dangerous situation.

They've made their point. Now please, make them move on. Permanently.

I've had enough of them. Why should I have to be subjected to their deeply offensive protest almost every day?

Kind Regards,

Glenn Peters

STOP PRESS: It has been looked at by someone at the council.


Alison said...

Cannot wait to see what they say (if anything) in reply. It's a strange government.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend getting it placed in your local paper as a note to the editor. I would imagine it would get more action that way and I would imagine many people would agree with you in his taking action on the situation.