Monday, February 28, 2011

The Nightwatchman Interviewed

It’s been five months since the last posting.  The Nightwatchman speaks to Glenn Peters to find out why.
First question, the obvious.  Why?  Where have you been all this time?
Good question Nighty.  I picked up two gigs and they took all my time.  Each day when I got home from work, I shot half a gram of Amway mixed with Jim Beam and battery acid into my eyeballs and went straight to sleep until the next day.  Oh, and I played lots of scrabs on Facebook.  Lots.

What sort of gigs?
I worked as an Amway salesman.

Yeah, good and all but don’t you think that you leaving regular readers is a bit of a pisstake?

Are you sorry to regular readers?

Rumors are that you are going to do some sort of snazzy Nightwatchman relaunch.  And it might take place in a bar or something.

Sounds like one of those SEN radio rumors.  Have you been talking to Toby Shitbeak?

Hold on, didn't you conduct and write this interview years ago, the last time you took a long break from blogging?
Yes. That's right.