Monday, September 20, 2010

Footy's Night Of Nights: The Two Horse War Continues

R19. Judd is ahead by 2 votes in the "two horse war" with Dane Swan. Pendles gets two. Wellingham Sandwich gets 3. Swan is going to lose this war. Judd gets 3 votes. He's on 26.

R20 is another game where Swan was easily the BOG but there's other selfish players who will steal votes off him. Swan needs 3. Judd needs to do his hammy. At least I didn't bet on Swan this year. Ablett now on 22. Swan on 23. Not enough. Here we go. Judd to win. 3 votes. 6 ahead. Swan needs two BOGs.

Judd and Twigley leave the room before the ad break. Use your imagination as to what they're doing.

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