Monday, September 20, 2010

Footy's Night Of Nights: Judd Will Win

In a canter. By ten lengths, by eight furlongs and any other betting cliches you can think of. Because tonight isn't about the ladies. It's about the betting ads. And about Dane Swan looking bored. Swan's coming back according to Quarterbrain but he would say that because he wants the twitterers to stay away from #qanda.

R11 Ablett hasn't had a vote for awhile. Swan moves onto 11. He's still behind by six.

R12. Ah remember the Geelong St Kilda fights game. I liked all that. There's not enough score updates. Everything's so fast. Still. Swan moves to 13. Ablett moves to 14. Judd pulls away to 19. Nobody in the crowd acting drunk. this is the worst Brownlow ever. Bruce McAvaney, I miss you

R13 Lots of StKilda players in double figures. Swan only one vote. Alan Didak moves to 5 votes. Nobody likes Alan. It's just not fair. Ablett gets nowt. Judd moves to 22. Leading by 8. Rigged.

Another montage. Really.

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