Monday, September 20, 2010

Footy's Night Of Nights: A Jim Stynes Montage Expressed In Verse

Yes they do it,
People will cry,
Voiceover man talks deep,
On Football's Night Of Nights,
His light has never dimmed,
To know Jim Stynes,
Is to expect,
Nothing less.

I don't think Jim,
Has any fear,
And if he does,
He can overcome it.
The Melbourne Football Club,
Had no idea,
What they had on,
Their hands.

Gary Lyon speaks humbly,
We know it's humble,
Because he's not wearing,
A suit.
Black hair tufts on a fellow champion's chest.

Jules Lund,
TV Presenter,
Knows Jim Stynes,
For Potential,
And appreciates,
In his case,
It was fostered.

What a good man,
What a great bloke,
What a giant,
Our Game.

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