Monday, September 20, 2010

Footy's Night Of Nights: The Brownlow Montage 17-19

There's a lot of wise arsing going on Twitter. Most of the jokes are about Brynne, Fev and after looking at it for a couple minutes didn't come close to a LOL. Twitter is all about the LOLs.

Now for a montage of little kids saying cute things apparently. I hate that stuff.

R6 and I'll listen carefully to the political voice over man. Dane Swan equal third with Barlow and a few others. Already the lack of beer in the room is making tonight a little stale to watch.

R7 Alan Didak just got 3 votes. Swan and Ablett are equal second. No, Judd has just hit the lead. Chris Judd, the man the AFL love. And so do the umpires. He gets so much time to get rid of the ball. So does Ablett. The umpires favor these two blokes. Dane won't win.

R8 Pendles just stole some votes off Swan. A Swallow got two votes. I didn't know that birds could play footy. They have no thumbs. Judd clear ahead on 15 votes. Five best on grounds in a row. Rigged. He's clear by 6 votes. Judd in a dud team could win this. Now to the montage machine.

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