Friday, January 08, 2010

A Warning To All Gingerbread Dwelling Owner Builders

A gingerbread house yesterday.
An important safety reminder for those who are building gingerbread houses this Christmas.

What starts as a delightful Christmas project for all the family could end in tears and havoc due to shoddy and amateurish gingerbread house construction.

While you’re not required to get a permit or have a Registered Building Surveyor inspect your gingerbread dwelling before occupancy, we recommend you consult with a Registered Sugar Rendering and Plastering Specialist (RSRPS) beforehand.

Understandably RSRPS’s are very busy at this time of the year so you might be able to secure the services of a know-it-all uncle or expert cake-maker grandmother.

These warnings come close after tragedy was averted in Glen Waverley last night when a mother and grandmother (who prefer to remain anonymous), were carefully placing the roof on their three storey candy Cape Cod inspired creation.

“Someone opened the backdoor and the dog dived for some dropped icing on the floor under our feet,” the daughter explained. “One thing led to another and before we knew it, the mezzanine level was running out the door!”

Last night’s accident is a timely reminder to all Victorian ginger building owner builders to take responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of their worksites to ensure that they are safe.

Research for the Building Commission’s recently launched “Check your ginger deck” campaign showed that three people in Victoria are inflicted with serious injuries of credibility and ego annually as the result of gingerbread home accidents.

This was a media release I wrote when nobody was looking when I was working for the Building Commission.

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