Thursday, October 08, 2009

5 Lovely Songs From The Olden Days In New Zealand

When it came to dweeby, jangly and cool, we had the Go Betweens and The Church.

New Zealand had this bunch.

Pyromaniac by The Verlaines

She Speeds by Straightjacket Fits

Leather Jacket by The Chills

Block of Wood by The Bats

And of course, the beautiful, Love Not Given Lightly by Chris Knox.


danmiller said...

another win for the kiwis there i have inspired me to get out some tall dwarfs and listen away. bless you.

Beth said...

I'm cheering this!
If I had a turntable I'd be digging out my 12 inch of Not Given Lightly. There's not many tunes as hooky as that.