Friday, January 02, 2009

The Top Songs Played On My Ipod 2008

This past year, a record breaking, 14 of the top 25 songs played on my ipod are by Tom Waits. So first, here's 2008's top ten including Tom's songs.

1. Lonely - Tom Waits
2. Grapefruit Moon - Tom Waits
3. Sunswept Sunday - Duke Ellington
4. Blue - The Jayhawks
5. Head Full Of Steam - The Go-Betweens
6. Lullabye For Christie - Dirty Three
7. Train Song - Tom Waits
8. Innocent When You Dream - Tom Waits
9. Diamonds On My Windshield - Tom Waits
10. The Heart Of Saturday Night - Tom Waits

Also, because my ipod is set to wake me up in the morning, some songs like Sunswept Sunday by Duke Ellington and Sweet Thing by Van Morrison muck up the top 25 because they're repeated most mornings. So now, the top 25 non wakey wakey songs not by Tom Waits played on my ipod in 2008.

1. Blue - The Jayhawks
2. Head Full Of Steam - The Go-Betweens
3. Lullabye For Christie - Dirty Three
4. Fall On My Knees - Samamidon
5. White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes
6. Your Happiness - Compulsive Gamblers
7. Saro - Samamidon
8. If You Can't Give Me Everything - The Reigning Sound
9. Apology Accepted - Go Betweens
10. All Mixed Up - Red House Painters
11. Stop And Think It's Over - Compulsive Gamblers
12. Find Me Now - Reigning Sound
13. Stormy Weather - Reigning Sound
14. I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys - Reigning Sound
15. Time Bomb High School - Reigning Sound
16. Little Johnny Brown - Samamidon
17. Lucky Ones - Broken Social Scene Featuring Kevin Drew
18. You're Not As Pretty - Reigning Sound
19. Swingin' Party - The Replacements
20. Be My Baby - The Ronnettes
21. Fiesta - Ween
22. Goo Goo Muck - The Cramps
23. Reel Around The Fountain - The Smiths
24. I'm Your Puppet - James & Bobby Purify
25. The Dark End Of The Street - Roy Hamilton

Yes, again these lists suggest I'm a miserable bastard but I reckon it's looking like 2009's playlists will be a little more peppy.

Here's a link to my previous end of year ipod charts.

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Stan Lee said...

Have you heard Grapefruit Moon by Southside Johnny? You should. What is loses in Waitsian weirness it makes up for with bold brassy big band arrangements.