Friday, September 19, 2008

Write Only In Red Pen For A Whole Day, Once A Month

For one day in the month write entirely in red pen.

It's so final and it freaks boring bozos well out.

Writing in red is a simple act of insolence and fucked up defiance.

The Marquis de Sade wrote all the unhygenic sex scenes in his 100 Days of Sodom in red.

Miles Davis wrote all the "motherfuckens" in his autobiography in red.

Terrance Trent Darby (formally of INXS), wrote most of his letters to The Guardian in red.

George Lucas filled out the cheques to pay for several hundred traffic fines during the making of Star Wars 2 Electric Boogaloo in red.

Bob Dylan wrote the lyrics to his much adored Infidels record in red.

Go red tomorrow.

You'll love it.


Matthew said...

Can't help feeling I'm at a time zone advantage here, but can I be the first to welcome you back. I for one am thrilled, and already I have actually laughed. It was at the Star Wars 2, Electric Boogaloo line. Let the good times roll.

Glenn said...

Thanks for that Matty. I'm all fired up to give this thing another go as being a smart arse with facebook status updates is starting to not cut it anymore.

There's a bunch of stuff that's gotta be said and this is as good a place as any.

Here goes.