Monday, September 22, 2008

The Brownlow: Television and Football's Night of Nights: Round 17 or Something

Richo could win this. No seriously.

Round 18: Didak and Shaw out for the rest of the season. A tragedy. I love Alan like a brother.

Pavlich creeping up at 17. Buddy at 17. Richo has left his table. He should have got votes that game against Geelong.

Round 19 and we killed St Kilda dead. I can't remember who played well that game. I was too sad about Alan. Harry and Leon get votes. Yay Harry! Goodes could get the points to win but he was suspended. Geelong stealing votes from each other. Richo gets no votes. Judd moves to 13 votes. Brent Harvey is at 14.

I tells ya. Favorites don't come near winning Brownlows. No matter who wins this, there's gonna be a LOT of whingeing tomorrow.

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