Monday, September 22, 2008

The Brownlow: Television and Football's Night of Nights: Filler Time

I'll leave the caption to youse. Click the comment thingy down there.... See more here.

Montage eight. Something about how the game belongs to all of us. Just as I spew, Luke Darcy decides to read a speech about an old bloke who works for Footscray as their property steward, Eddie Walsh. And now for a thing about an old lady who's been working for the Cobden Footy Club for the last 873 years, all to a Bruce Springspreen backing track. I might cry now. She's awesome. She's cooked over 30,000 meals and never missed a training session. Every moment of her life she works for the footy club. "If you haven't got a footy club you don't have a town." Marie Obourne. Greatest old lady ever.

Next volunteer, David Mattock Jones of the Bardoo Island footy club. Junior coach ignores the scoreboard and every little kid he coaches plays like Michael Long but with heaps more talent.

But all the tears wasted when Toyota put their messy mitts all over it and give both of them a wad of cash.


Melissa Thom said...

FASHION FAUX PAS ALERT!!! Sandra Sulley is wearing the dress Shelly Craft wore to the Logies this year. AARRGGGHHH!!!

Nina said...

"If I leave my hand here long enough, she's bound to hit puberty and then - BAM - I'll have a handful of ass."

Glenn said...

Very good, Nina. Can anyone beat that?