Monday, September 22, 2008

The Brownlow: Television and Football's Night of Nights: Toast Time

Ladies and gentlemen, please charge your glasses...

Quarterbrain's first question. "Tell us about your childhood."

I'm bored by the interview already. Hold on, there's a story about some teammates who died on the field. Thanks Quarterbrain. Bring back the trauma. He's sad now.

Gary Ablett looks a bit miffed. Poor bastard. Adam Cooney is sorta funny. He's thirsty. "I need this," while taking a skull of champers. Then more some talk about his kid and his kinda hot fiancee, Hailey. Bastard stole my idea of proposing marriage with a Burger Ring. That was so my idea. Next we'll hear that The Breadmakers will be playing at their wedding. He hasn't rang his nanna for a couple weeks. Innat nice. Richo thought it was funny too. Another poor bastard.

But I've seen Adam Cooney play and he's a fricken good player. Lot of time for him and his club, Footscray. No matter what you throw at Adam Cooney, you can't bring him to the ground. Whole bucks parties have tried to tip him over like a cow late at night and they can't even get close. One of the toughest, more honest players out there.

A worthy winner.

But it would have been better if Richo got it.


Stan Lee said...

The rehabilitation of Richo is indeed a wonderous thing.

Much maligned throughout almost all of his career her has suddenly assused some knid of lovable maverick status.

Even I wish he had won.

Glenn said...

You're right, Stan.

Though I've always loved Richo and he doesn't even play for Collingwood.

He's like a bullfighter in one of them Hemmingway books who's respected across the land for his passion and honesty.