Monday, September 22, 2008

The Brownlow: Television and Football's Night of Nights: Round 7-9

Round seven highlights include Wannameari sic kicking goals, Juddy getting hit at West Coast and Richmond losing in a tight one. Awesome.

Richo gets two votes and he's in the lead with 12! Adam Cooney looks thrilled to be there. Mad Monday has been very long today it looks.

Round eight highlights inclde Cance Bateman dacking an opposition player. Scallywag.

Ablett has only eight votes and so far Essendon's Tape Pears has none.

Round nine and Collingwood beat Geelong by 839405 points. That's all. Ablett and Bartel get negative votes for their hopeless efforts on the night. ALAN DIDAK though, THREE VOTES. Obviously the best player in the world.

Richo, Cooney and Sewell equal leaders on 13 votes.

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