Monday, September 22, 2008

The Brownlow: Television and Football's Night of Nights Round 13 and Stuff

Can I just have half an hour in a locked room with that channel ten voiceover guy? You know the one. He opens the coverage with something like, "Two gladiatorial curmudgeons preside over 46 finely crafted manbeasts in an epic contest rivaling that of the famous battle between giant immortal Typhon and the black fearful eyed Echidne blah blah blah."

I want to kill him.

Until he is dead.

Round 13 and Judd doesn't get a vote. Heath Shaw deservedly gets two votes in our loss to Footscray. Richo doesn't get a vote. Demetrio is starting to pause his reading for drama. Ablett gets another three.

Round 14 and we killed Sydney in much the same way I want to kill the voiceover guy. Brent Harvey gets his 7th vote. Dane Swan moves to 10 with a best on ground and Judd gets nothin'. Bartel gets his first best on ground and is 14 off the lead.

Round 15 is the round where Fevolutino does his Licca impersonation and hugs all the oppostion. Judd gets nothing. Medhurst is on 12 votes. Handy. He and his girly are a striking lookin' couple. Demetrio is pausing bigtime now.


Anonymous said...

yeah did v.o guy go to the iron chef school of voicing over stuff? one chef is know as the ronin of ravioli the other the creme de la creme of cooking.

who will win?
where is the borscht?

Glenn said...

Thanks luckyborisyeltsinisdead, I'm getting hungry now.

I reckon Simon Black will win but don't be surprised if Scott Wynd or John Dorotich make a race from behind to snatch it.

Glenn said...

"Fevolutino" is one of the greatest typos ever.