Monday, September 22, 2008

The Brownlow: Television and Football's Night of Nights: In The Beginning

Television’s night of nights is kicked off by Kate Ceberano flogging a dead horse, trying oh so hard to let me entertain you come on come on come on. Sad. But nobody cares. Hosted by Steve Quarterbrain. Nobody likes this guy. Nobody.

Why does the Armourgard guard have to wear his or her army uniform? Surely the result is leaked just like every other year.

Now Demetrio starts this officially convened AFL meeting we like to call television’s night of nights.

Round 1 Dane Swan gets the medal's first vote. I'm already excited.

Round 2. Demetrio is confused as fuck. He has to do round 2. Nobody knows what the fuck's going on. Hold on. We're doing round 1 again?

I'm confused.

Or did he start with round 2?

My head just exploded. I just gotta get to the kitchen and glue it back together.


Anonymous said...

tonight i am so proud of you.
like russian tennis dad when child actually follows his one hundred instructions on how to play better tennis.

it is your blog's night of nights ya.

Glenn said...

It's all about zee bazics! You haf to want to winzee game more than the other boyz!