Tuesday, April 29, 2008

That's Not A Scrabble Board. THIS Is A Scrabble Board.

My love of Scrabble has nothing on the fine people on the tournament Scrabble circuit.

And with all obsessives, tournament scrabs players need to play on their own, homemade or custom-made scrabble boards. A standard cardboard board from the shop without lazy Susan is INCORRECT.

Here's a bunch from last Sunday's Box Hill open tournament.

A standard tournament board setup.

My final game of the day with old school analogue timer.

I lost by over 100 points.

Homemade. Mounted onto red perspex.


Old board mounted onto marble with engraved bronze tile distribution guides.

Another old board mounted onto clear perspex with wacky words letrasetted on the side. I forgot what it says.

Wood and dinosaurs!

The masterpiece.

Homemade with tile distribution and bronze badges for every major tournament the player has won.

Pro-made. Notice the name, Wordgame. I think I once saw the boxes these originally came in. No reference to scrabs, just photos of overexcited kids yelling something in Thai, most likely , "Wordgame, Speeling Fun for the whole family!"

Where can you buy some of the pro-made the custom made boards? It's a secret. If I told you, the nice scrabble ladies would gouge my eyes out with a rusted fork.

But I'll give you a clue. Next time you play at a world sanctioned tournament in South East Asia, you might meet someone who's cousin knows someone who could sort you out.

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