Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Great Moments In Web History: Polly Makes It Big On I Can Has Cheezburger

Here's the moment her dad's dream came true (click pic for a readable version).

She's got a four and a half star rating and so far over 118 comments from Lolcat aficionados across the planet.

Here's some of the most entertaining comments.
SarahD: Iz cheezburger divining rod… BOIINNNG!!

Antoinette: I pity da fool who trai and taek my stick.

Myfrisbee: WIN!

snippet: O.M.G. We hav a winnar. No furthur entrees needed. Dat is so purfikt!

Kevin: Judge me not by the size of my light sabre!

Flartus: kitteh r fishin’ fur burds…otherwise knowed as “burdin’.”

amy: lol i like this caption it just works too well.

Becca: Wood chuck to gray squirrel…come in gray squirrel…

D.R: Dis a lucky speshul stiek!

Hailey Efron: wow thats great , i loved a stick once too!

BonzoGal: Dis iz mah stik. Iz nawt ur stik, iz mah stik. Mine. U cannot has. In fakt, don’t ebin luk at mah stik. U can has dat pebbul behind mah butt. No, on sekkond thot, dat mine also.

ctate: Dowsing fer cheezburgrs.

Dustbunny: In Soviet Russia, stick lufs u.

Quiltchicken: Iz LOG - LOG!

B!: Iz ok, kitteh, yoo kin luf a stik, wee nawt laff atchoo fur luvvin it. Eben big kittehs kin luv sumpin….

We nawt tink less uv yoo fur luvvin it…[snicker] …reellee….!
Vote for Polly and read the many more strangely written (language: Lolcat), comments at I Can Has Cheezburger a here's the story of the making of a star.

I wonder if Milo will make the big time?

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