Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Shooter, The Cop Shop And The Shark

So Christopher Wayne "The Shooter" Hudson turned himself into the Wallan Police Station this afternoon.

One minute you're a Hells Angel shooter on the run and the next, you're a contemporary, double brick police station, complete with Officer in Charge administration area, interview room, unisex shower and toilet, kitchen, property store, lock-up garage and suspect toilet.

Hudson has a suspect toilet.

Better call a plumber in.

I've been helping police with their inquiries all week by investigating the tangled web of friends and friends of friends on the girl who was shot, Kara Douglas by checking out her MySpace page.

That's what makes good research (MySpearch, if you will), if you're a newspaper journalist right now. Why bother talking to family, friends and ex school teachers when you've got Google and MySpace?

I was easily sidetracked.

Two or three links from Ms Douglas' page and I bump into a bunch of tough looking fellas from the Gold Coast.

My favorite and a bloke I now include as one of my closest MySpace friends is the popular, self-made millionaire (Occupation according to his page, "Loan shark - Hit Man"), Tim Shark.

Pacific Islander, Sharky owns Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, lots of Harleys and looks like a condom full of walnuts. FRICKEN HUGE, BRO!

Here's his inspirational biography lifted straight from his MySpace page:
I don’t know my parents.. my mum dumped me just after birth so I grew up living in orphanages... but I would keep running away from the orphanages and living on the streets..... but im happy... I was told by my grandmother that my mum was booked in for an abortion,,, She turned up at the hospital drunk and the doctors wouldn't perform it........ Hey Mum,,, if your reading this....Sucked in you fucking bitch !!!! Anyway,,,Fuck my parents.... i am a Self Made,,, hard ass,,, son of a bitch...... I like fast cars,,, Harley Davidson's,,,heavy metal music and making lots of money.... i like pissing off society going against the grain.... i like rocking up to fancy ass bullshit silver service restaurants in my Lamborghini or Ferrari wearing a t-shirt, baseball cap & camo shorts.... i like bashing the fuck out of people who are cruel to animals.... i like to control a room, not just be in a room..... i like wearing gold, Diamonds, Rolex watches & Louis Vuitton.... i like sending my high school headmaster Christmas cards saying "FUCK YOU ASSHOLE I MADE IT"
Now it's your turn to do some MySpearch. Meet some of his MySpace friends, do some Googling, check out the newspaper reports and court transcripts and you'll find out one thing.

He means every word.


Glenn said...

Another thing.

What we learned from this week is you can lift and publish on the front page of your newspaper glamor photos from MySpace without permission.....

While the poor girl is still in a coma!

Oh, and it took three journos to write and MySpearch™ this article.

Glenn said...

If I come a cropper or if I'm on the run from the cops can someone please go to my computer and pull my MySpace page?


Glenn said...

At last Kara Douglas has had her MySpace page set to private.

Katia said...

It also took three journos to research your article - you, me and Carl. Correct.

Glenn said...


Actually Carl's work on the case should get him a Walkely.