Thursday, June 21, 2007

MySpearch: Researching Entirely By MySpace

MySpearch: to research a newspaper character profile/biography almost entirely based on the subject's MySpace page. Especially useful technique for researching the teen aged.

Bold assumptions on subject's character can be printed with impunity.
She says she loves any music and lists her favourite movies as The Sound of Music, Drop Dead Fred and Wayne's World and expresses an interest in porn.

"Had to curb my addiction to that! You don't meet many chicks with a porn addiction, do you? (link)

Similar assumptions can be made about the subject's list of MySpace "friends" and musical tastes.

Photos do not need to be cleared for permission by subject while he or she is dead or in a coma.

Another page for lazy journos to hit when they're done with Google and Wikipedia.

Party girls' world collided with violence.
Police investigate MySpace 'RIP'

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