Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm On Ur Newspaper, Stealing Ur Artickles!

Folks, meet Milo.

I've been looking after Milo for the past couple weeks while his mum's been cavorting with a bunch of bad lieutenant mates in lovely Thailand.

While his mum's been away, Milo (or Miles, Fatima, Dog or Maaaate), has been a great help to me writing this Nightwatchman stuff.

Just now he walked on the computer keys and did a Google search for "totjnnnnnnnnnn".

We were both surprised when nothing came up.

Here's a Boing Boing link to a bunch of cat pics with poorly spelled 'funny' captions.

Must go.

Milo wants his chicken now.

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Katia said...

He's little and he's lovely.