Thursday, March 29, 2007

Big In NY: Toe Cleavage

Over at the witty as heck publishing/gossip/style/stuff site, Gawker, there's a big debate on the yays and nays of toe cleavage.

Like here, in New York those horrible (but I hear, useful if you work in a kitchen or a boat) crocs are infesting, thongs (they call 'em flip flops) everywhere and people still wear those ridiculous lookin' brown velcro sandals (Tevas, apparently).

There may be the odd attractive foot walking around out there but I'm mostly irritated by any sight of toe in a shoe.

Always said it, everybody no matter how attractive they may be has an imperfection, and if you want to find that imperfection real quick, look down to the feet.

Gawker commenter, Ian Spiegelman agrees:
"Toe cleavage is like anything else: it's attractive on attractive people--and by that I mean attractive women. No male should ever show his feet except at the beach. Period"
I'm with another commenter, Meredith who reckons:
"Toe cleavage: nice in the right shoes.
Those shoes: not nice.
Flip-flops: never, ever, ever. Men or women. No. Unless you're on the beach.
Tevas: Are you fucking kidding me."
Tevas and Crocs?

Both abominations.

"Honest to God, I've always assumed that anyone in Tevas inherently smells like feet.

It is what it is."

"I will see your Tevas and raise you Crocs. I maintain that they were created for the sole (geddit?) purpose of destroying my spirit.
Mine too.

Please, make your notes about jandals in the comments bit below.

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Glenn said...

I can't stop looking down for toe cleavage.

What's even scarier is I may even come to like it.

Is this what my life's become?