Friday, February 16, 2007

If Love Is The Answer Please Rephrase The Question

Highlights from the A-K of Herald Sun's Valentine messages. Punctuation is exactly how it was printed in the newspaper.

AAA Mr Driply
I love you all ways and always, for ever and forever. Start to live your dream Pixi.

How Tasty, you are my sweet SOTIBERRY muffin! xx - Your MISHI xx

AARON BOWIE (Mr Romance)
An iris or a gerbera some roses would be nice. At this point in our marriage even dead ones would suffice. But since money is not object you always have enough 2 buy more tackle and some bait. It would hardly take you very long, It wouldn't take you hours. You can get them a t a shop near work, So where's MY BLOODY FLOWERS? -Your long suffering flower deprived wife.

............meh xo............

Your botty is so cute and hairly, We aint been blessed by the fertility fairy. But good things come to those who wait. In the meantime be my Valentine's date!! Love always - NJC

Your beers are in the fridge when you're ready. With love Kim x x

Wanna give you everything Krispy Kremes, the holiday of your dreams, my puppies & me. How good is that! I luv U B-man - Your Chicken.

to my wife who's been working heaps of hours. On Valentine's Day you should be covered in flowers. Ubt hey you know me that 's not my thing, and yes I know you would love some BLING. So instead I rang and spoke to some girls. You know the ones in Cancun without the curls. so now I am happy to say, Accommodation done, CHICAGO on your WAY. Have a safe trip. Love BABM
(while he stays home and sleeps with his best mate's wife)

Happy Valentine's Day. All my love today and forever Love - Your lil dinosaur

Ha Ha you looked. Does a minimum 3 times a week count as casual? Have a great day. Love - Shazza

Dear Bernadette, whether your wearing jeans or a bikini it's with you I wanna share my zucchini. Love - Lino

My Scrumptious Bum, loving you is easy. Love and kisses, your Sultana.

Roses are red, Violets are blue. I love you Bevvy, Honest I do. Love - Roly.

Can you pleeeaaseee return my call? Luv - Glen
Note the one 'N' in Glen. Proof it's not me.

i Dun mind uR biG smelly toes nor Ur Big Fat Nose! I LuBu Now & alsiz 4eva, as u alreadii know! Lov Hun xoxo

Word can't ell you enough how much I love you but the action in the bedroom will tonight. Happy Valentine's Day, Lots of kisses. - Little Boss.

You tickle me pink when we go to the rink. you are what my mind thinks. happy Valentines Day, Bopink! Love - Spunky Bum.

AKA SUPERMAN. Thank god for Starbucks! Love you babe. YOU'RE the best! Alana xxx

My Angel my Superman, youre the bomb bomb bomb bomb. I love you - Your little Princess

Great sex, dancing , harley's and YOU, what more can a girl want. xo xo Luv You xo xo

You made me the happiest girl in the world. LUV SNOOKEMS.

Hope u get that Mustang 1 day SUE - Chop Suey No. 1!!

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