Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tom Waits On Don Lane: The Footage!

"You're starting to sweat, Don."

"If you were in my position, you would be too."

Filmed in Channel Nine's Bendigo St studios way back in 1979, Don Lane does his best to interview the 29 year-old Tom Waits.

Then Don joins Tom on the piano for a lovely version of On The Nickel.

For the past 16 years I've been trying to find a copy of this interview and now it's on YouTube!

Here's Tom on Don Lane's show two years later.

Visit TarenFox's YouTube page for hours of Tom Waits interviews and live footage.


Stan Lee said...

Brilliant! I recently read an interview with Tom in Word magazine where he talks about how Kathleen Brennan stopped him drinking and how this saved his life. I thought this was probably just hype. having watched that first interview I now believe him. I though Don handled himself pretty well. Tom would've eaten Rove for breakfast.

Jonas said...


you're a genius for appreciating and tracking down these tom waits interviews.

i found them on youtube a year ago and couldn't get enough of 'em.
however, they have been unavailable for some time now.

what's the deal with these videos being so hard to find and banned from youtube?

can you tell me where i can find these videos, specifically the followup interview a year later.

i need these for my collection.

i'm not on blogger but i found your page somehow.

please email me with your thoughts.