Monday, January 22, 2007

Stop It Or You Will Go Blind!

There was a fight outside The Metro where in a 20 man brawl, a bloke was stabbed in the eye, through to the brain WITH A CHAIR LEG, early yesterday morning.

I was in a bar less than 50 meters away when it happened, illustrating a point to a couple of mates with this Venn Diagram.

Perhaps the brawl could have been averted if I drew the warring groups this diagram.

Later we watched the poor fellow loaded into the ambulance with the chair leg still in his eye.

He survived and according to the Herald Sun, is in a stable condition.

Indexed is a full of similar, yet funnier Venn diagrams by blogger, Jessica Hagy.

1 comment:

Glenn said...

After 19 days in hospital and operations daily, the kid survived!

With no brain damage!

And no loss of sight!

Hooray for doctors!!