Friday, January 05, 2007

Melbourne Rocks: The Game

The game is easy. Mix your favorite Melbourne suburb name with a your favorite band or singer's name. Had almost half the Corner Hotel's front bar play the game after The Bees (I mean The Weribees) show last night.

Here's a list of the 75 better combos so far. Help me get the list to the big century double quadruple century (!) by submitting your ideas to the comments bit at the bottom of this list.

Eltham John
The Fountains Of Gate
KD Lang Lang
Carrum Carpenter
Bachman Wantirna Overdrive
My Mornington Jacket
Guns and Rosebud
Mentone As Anything
Four Geelong Blondes
Dandenong Warhols
Williamstowns Van Zandt
Corio Steamwagon
Frankston Sinatra
The Painters And Docklands
Elsternwick Light Orchestra
Olivia Mentone John
Linkin Parkville
You Am Ivanhoe
The Bayswater City Rollers
Beaumaris Frawley
Casey And The Sunshine Band
Peter Hampton
The Tally Ho Betweens
Bright Said Fred
Bentleigh Rhythm Ace
Narre Warren G
Chaddy Cool
Robbie Williamstown
The Bonbeachboys
Watsonia Dada
Carol Kingston
Croydon Orbison
Dead Broadmeadows
The Gypsy Kingsbury
The Kings Of Leongatha
The Cruel Seaford
Essendon Lake & Palmer
Bentleigh Drawn Boy
Liz Phairfield
Carnegie Pop
Joni Mitchum
Boys 2 Mentone
Bentleigh Rhythm Ace
Marilyn Mansfield
Duran Prahran
Fitzroy Orbison
The Clashburton
The Beasts Of Burwood
Belgrave And Sebastion
Langwarrin Zevon
Kew Am I
Westgarth Brooks
The Black Rock Sorrows
The Black Keysborough
Scoresby Stills And Nash
Kew 2
Stone Templestowe Pilots
Fitzroy Orbison
The Jackson Five Ways
Ripponlea Coulter
The Flemington Lips
The Como-dores
Groove Armadadale
Katrina And The Waverleys
Caroline Springsteen
Frankston Goes To Collingwood
Mick Thomastown
Brighton Eyes
Malvern And Shirley

We're at 225! 257 367!

Click the comments to read the rest or add a few of your own.


Anonymous said...

Straight Jacket Fitzroy
Clifton Hill Top Hoods
Belgrave & Sebastian,

Glenn said...

Nice one, Nick. Still reckon your Duran Prahran is one of the best.

Forgot to put those in. Which means I gotta add I Spit On Your Belgravy to the list.

That's 79!

Glenn said...

Michelle gets it up to 80 with Dusty Springvale.

Melissa Thom said...

Here's another few...

Black Rye Peas
Iron Maidstone
Audio Slaverton
Red Hill Chilli Peppers
Avril Lavington

melissa thom said...

ok - now you have me determined to help you hit the ton!

Ignore my Avril one - completly wrong but here are a couple more;

Bucks Fitzroy
Faith No Morwell
Groove Armadale

Anonymous said...

Frankston Ferdinand
Motley Kew
Simon & Gardenvale
Mercury REServoir
Mount Martha & the Muffins
Fleetwood MacLeod
Eltham Presley
Chris De Coburg
Dave Abbortsford
Neil Diamond Creek

.....from Paul & Stef

ps. its too hard to cross-check - can you list them in alphabetical order?!!

Glenn said...

Nice. With Band Of Whitehorses coming from Kathryn, we're up to 98. But we can do better.

I really liked Avril Lavington.

And Dave Abbotsford is fricken hilarious.

Grant said...

Craigieburn McLachlan , All Saints Kilda , Richmond Marx , Al Greensborough , Roxette Park , Lilydale Allen , Olinda Ronstadt , The Cranbourny's , Point Leo Sayer , Rye Said Fred

Glenn said...

Heaps more on the weekend. We can get it to 200.

Nicola reeled off a bunch over the phone including....

Oakleigh Scratch Perry
Neil Diamond Creek
Kangaroo Ground Attraction
Watsonia and Cher
Spank Rockbank
Jan Juc Halen
Garth Braybrooks
The Ascot Vales
Boomtown Ballarats
Belle and Sebastapol
Serge Heidelberg

I really like Serge Heidleberg.

Glenn said...

And here's a few others....

Olinda Rondstadt, Soundgardenvale, Ballaratcat & Led Shepparton (Nick Murphy)
EmenEmerald (Justine)
Malvern Gaye (Nick Jones)
Elwood Mac, Dionne Warracknabeal & Olinda Newton John (Jack)
Band Of White Horses & Eastland 17 (Kathryn)
Yan Yean Yeahs (Nina)

Glenn said...

And Michelle just emailed:

Dusty Springvale
Things Of Collingwood

Glenn said...

Jack just came through with:

Billy Rye Cyrus
Olivia Newcomb John

richo said...

Chuck Canterbury
Queenscliff of the Maidstonage
Crown of Thornbury
The Magnetic Upfields
Faith No Seymore
Neds Atomic Darebin

Glenn said...

In the past hour I've come up with:

Blue Drouin
Laura Bannickburn
Yea Yeah Yeahs
Eaglemont Cherry

And Jack's texted more:

Coldstream Chisel
Bonbeach Jovi
John Cougar Meltoncamp

So has Nick with:

Altona Green.

My response was obvious...

Go Westona

Glenn said...

Nick Jones has sent some to the NW hotline:

Buffalo Thomastown
Glen Campbellfield
Sufjan Juc Stevens
Mentone Loc
Frankston Zappa
Robert Footscray
Emerson Kinglake & Palmer
Nick Cave & The Bad Seafords
Dan And Altona
The Rolling Stonningtons
Right Seddon Fred
Jason Fawkner
Ike & Tina Wantirna
Talking Barwon Heads

and his best so far...


Glenn said...

Nick and James tucked into a bottle of wine and sent some more...

The Diggers Restless
Jan And Deans Marsh
The Happy Mondaylesfords
Emerald Sanctuary Lakes And Palmerston
Lobby Lloyd And The Colored Balwyns
Procal Hallam
The Smiths Gully
Burt Bacchus Marsh
Slim Whittlesea
Smoky Robinvale
Quiet Hyatt
Midlakes Entrance
Blackburn Sabbath
The Stone Rosebuds
Sigur Rosstown
Kangaroo Ground Components
Einsturzende Neubarwon Heads
Westgarth Gembrooks
McCrae Davis
Bitten By Yarrambats
Roxburgh Music
Jimmy Clifton Hill

but easily their best so far...


Glenn said...

Just remembered a couple from the weekend someone suggested.

Bo Dingley
Mount Martha Wainwright

Adam has just suggested:

Paul MacKinnon

Glenn said...

A corker from Adam:

The Mirboo Radleys

Glenn said...

Adam's Faith No Morewell and Jack's Rob Thomastown gets the tally to 197!

Glenn said...

The Bendigo Betweens.

Glenn said...

And number 199 is a pearler, emailed by Brendon....

Fat Albert Park & The Cosby Kids.

richo said...

Do I get the magic 200 with a local;

The Camberwellingtons?

Glenn said...

Yes, Richo. Well done.

I was happy with coming up with:

Irene Lara
Brian Wilson's Promontary
Sigur Rosstown
Mount Bufallo Springvale
The Mornington After Girls

But then a fresh batch via email and text message....

Nick J

Torquay Heads
Yngwie J Malmsbury
Gordon Lightfootscray
The Falls Creek
Devandra Banhartwell
The Archers Of Sugarloaf
The Boards Of Canadian Bay
System Of A Camperdown
Jefferson Airport West (which Nicola suggested at the pub on the weekend)
Joanna Newcomb
The Stoney Point-er Sisters
The Newport Convention
Baby Horshambles

Nick M
Flock Of Seafords
Chaka Carnegie

The Beautiful South Melbourne

Queenscliff Richard

Rosebuddy Holly

Anonymous said...

Chaka Carnegie...

Col said...

OK, I learnt about this last night fromRicho and haven't been able to get to sleep ...
so here's my contribution, very regional:

Halls Gap and Oates
Human Dromana
MC Hamilton
Cat Stevensville

and my favouriete...
Madonna Buang (Mt Donna Buang)

Anonymous said...

R.L. CraigieBurnside
Kenny GeeLong
Kanye West Maribyrnong
Westgarth Brookes
Mark ArmAdale

Glenn said...

Jones, busy again has come up with....

Sydenham Vicious
Black Roxy Music
Carlton Perkins
David Greythorn
Mac Kew
The Bayswater Boys (lame, Sir!)
Montrose Tattoo
Nick Mooralbarker And The Reptiles (That's better!)

I came up with:

Angie Hartwell
Frankston J Maldon
The Vermonticas
Dingley-Bert Humperdink

And maybe one of the best so far:


Beck said...

ok peters, a couple off the top of me head...

chris de heidelburg
the warrandytes
sandringham and the sunsets
barwon heads
spy vs. rye and
dan kelly and the ascot vales...

Beck said...

another couple because clearly wont get any work done while there's this think about...

ian thornbury and the blockheads
straightjacket fitzroy
jonathan richmond
go westgarth

Glenn said...

How sad, Beck. You're under the falsity that once you get a few more band names off your chest you will be able to go on working.

This game haunts your dreams.

Beck said...

you're a right bastard peters
and I have to add the blackburn susans to the list now as well

Jonas said...

Crap, I had to make a Swedish version on my blog.

I can't stop know.



Glenn said...

I knew we'd start this in other cities but Stockholm....

Fricken brilliant.

You can play Stockholm Rocks at Jonas' blog, Ett liv i exil.

Some corkers he and his Swedish readers have come up with are:

Bandhagen of Horses
Högdalenny Kravitz
Chris de Vårburgh
David Hässelhoffby Gård
Neutral Milk Hotelefonplan
Blackeberg Sabbath
Guns & Näckrosens
Simple Telefonplan
A flock of Seagullmarsplan

Speaking of Sweden, I just come up with 255 with one of their top POWER-pop bands touring in the next month....

Peter, Yallourn & John

POWER-pop, get it?

Glenn said...

I came up with these for the game's Stockholm version.

Enskede Garde Neubauten
Blackeberg Peas
Farsta Pussycat
Terrence Trent Varby Gard
Tallkrogen Heads

Anonymous said...

Bugger. Jeff introduced me to this game last night and now I'm insane. Further to my anon entry earlier (r.l. craigieburnside et al), here are another 24. Sorry if some have already been said.

Beaumaris Minor and the Majors (stutter rap)
Ted Footscray Gang
Moamas and the Papas
Babes in Gippsland
The Black Sorrowviles
Langwarren Zevon
Axl Rosebud
Rage Against Tullamarine
Dromana Rama
Chadstone Gossard
Rosebuddy Holly
San Remo Speedwagon
The Velvet Under Kangaroo Ground
Creedence Bayswater Revival
Sly and the Family Chadstone
Neil Young and Crazy Horsham
Johnny Cashburton
Thomastownes Van Zandt
Belgrave and the Badseeds
Simply Red Hill

I like this a lot for its crapness:
At The Coburg Drive In

This is just stupid but I like the imagery:
Les Patterson Lakes

And my personal favourites:
This Is Serious Mumawadding

From Beau

Beck said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Glenn said...


Jonathon Richmond And the Malvern Lovers

Beck said...

The Blind Boys of Altona
The Watsonia Twins
Patsy Kensington
Ryuichi Sackvillemoto
Gladys Knightsbridge and the Pips
Curtis Mansfield
Gillian Welshpool
Rye Cooder
Charlie Parkville
Dexter Gordonvale
Princess Hill and the Revolution
Blackrock Rebel Motorcycle Club
Deepdene Purple
Williamstownes Van Zant
and Rye and the Family Mentone

richo said...

Daddy Coolaroo
Box Hill the Jesuit
The Kew Pornographers
Apollo Bay 440
Camperdown Beethoven
Euroa Heap

....when will it end?!

Glenn said...

It may never end.

I especially like Box Hill The Jesuit, Ryuichi Sackvillemoto, The Blind Boys of Altona, The Kew Photographers and Euroa Heap.

Beck said...

it will never ever ever ever ever ever end...
it's like a kind of hell we'll all end up fired...

Linkeon Park
Urge OverKillmore
Thin Lismorey
Williamstown Shatner
Little BellBirdy
Patterson Lakes and Palmer
Dallas Cranbourne
The Flemington Lips
Dick Edithvale and his Del Tones
Jason Fawkner

Anonymous said...

Richmondo Rock

Glenn said...

Jo Jo Shep & The Falcons

Beck said...

that one is genius peters

Stan Lee said...

Brilliant! Even funnier than watching Joffa slink off from a game before the final siren wearing that stupid gold jacket.

Here's a couple of Melb shopping centres:

Chadstone Temple Pilots
Beautiful Southland
Highpoint Llamas
Eastland 17

Glenn said...

Nice angle on the shopping centres, Stan.

I've always thought they should count as suburbs. I mean, there's nothing much to Tally Ho than a bakery and an all night vet.

And long time readers will know of my love/hate thing with The Glen.

Here's some more...

Syndal Lauper
Einsturzende Warbarton
Phillipa Ryhll
Max Kew
The Glen Glenn

(Glen Glenn was an old country singer who went on to do all the sound production for TV shows like Get Smart and Bewitched)

James said...

Further to the ones me and Jones came up with the other night - Keb Moe, The Sunshine Ra Orchestra, Thomastown Waits, John Colactrane, Ringwood Starr, Randy Newtown (has it been done?),Charlie Parkville (or Parkdale), Colac Porter, The Moonee Blues, The House of Paynesville, Muddy Edgewaters, Abbatsford (weak I know)

Anonymous said...

Here's a few more...

Zero Seville
My Bloody Donvaleintine
The Rolling ChadStones
Billy Holidaylesford

Matt H

Beck said...

and the fun just doesn't stop...
Gang of Morwell
Glenvale Danzig
Aretha Frankston
Mark Langwarrengan
Justin Timberkinglake
My Churnside Romance
Tex Doncaster and Charlie
Little Richmond
Blackburning Spear
Caroline Springsteen (thanks matt)
and in keeping with the shopping centre theme I couldn't resist this..

Eliot Smith St.

Beck said...

oh and has anyone done
Blue Drouin yet?

Glenn said...

For Smiths Street I was thinking of The Smiths St. who had a big hit with Girlfriend In Tecoma.

Some more....

Mentony! Mentoni! Mentone!
The Basin Jacks
Doug Banyule
Juliana Hadfield
Selby Lynne
David Silvan

And finally I cracked it!!


Glenn said...

From Jack via sms...

Kyneton Minogue
The Weribee Gees

richo said...

B.B Kingsville
Arctic Monkeysborough

.....scraping the barrel now

Anonymous said...

Burt Ballarat

Anonymous said...

Bryan Glenferrie
New Mt Buffalo
Damon Albion
Barwon Heads of State
Pretty Girls Make Belgrave
Berwick Clapton
Werribee 52s
Somers Sisters
Sherbrooke Fraser

Glenn said...