Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Stevie Wonder Rocks Out On Sesame Street

This Sesame Street footage of Stevie Wonder performing his own theme for the show has everything. Vocoders, long haired dancing kids, hip band, brown clad and spunky backing singers and a song you'll be singing for the rest of the week.

And here he is in the same session playing an el scorchio version of Superstition. Watch out for the hip as all get up kid on the balcony. He's goes off!

You Tube footage originally found on Daddy Types via on Boing Boing.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Genius Fwoodball Analysis

Andrew Orsatti: How would you compare Croatia's performance over the past three games?

Rale Rasic: I don't care.

And later Les Murray, "The most amazing 90 minutes of my life."

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rex Hunt's Secret Flashin'

Here's the highlights typed straight from my mum's copy of New Idea.
The Rex I'd see in the alleyway was like an excited 13-year-old.

Rex was a perfect gentleman. He would hold my hand, buy me flowers and talk.

"Rex is an exhibitionist," Robyn explains. And she admits he has a kinky side. "Rex was almost caught once about five years ago in a public place naked as a jaybird. A motorist caught him in full force with the headlights of his car. I had on this fluffy leopard print coat and Rex hid behind me and said: "If he asksyou, deny everything!"

As Robyn explains it, she would always be clothed, but Rex would have flung off his clothes by the end of their encounter so he was starkers.

He'd hold her chin so she did not avert her gaze.

"I was to look him straight in the eye and to breathe on him. I would tell him he was wonderful. Then he would work himself to a stae of excitement shouting: "Oh my God, you're going to kill me. You're going to give me a heart attack!"
To my non Australian readers, Rex Hunt is my favorite football commentator known for his ridiculously over the top calling style and his love of fishing.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy Morning!!

I don't want The Nightwatchman to degenerate into a tedious funny film clip blog but hey, part oompa loompa, part groundhog day, this ad for Folgers coffee rocks.

If you're into advertising stuff, you can read a little more about this TV ad's disappointing website at American Copywriter.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Nick Barker Is The Wisest Man On Earth

There was a sad bloke who thought he had a problem. He'd heard about a wise guru, Nick Barker of Nick Barker & The Reptiles fame, who had answers to difficult questions.

He decided to find this man.

After a long and difficult journey, he ended up at a temple high upon a mountaintop. I believe it may have been Mount Waverley. He entered and found the guru meditating, listening to some old Replacements records. The guru, sensing the man's presence, opened his eyes and looked up.

Nick Barker: Mate, I see you have a problem.

Man: Yes. That's amazing! How did you know?

Nick Barker: Actually, you have 83 problems.

Man: Well fuck me! It's worse than I thought! 83 problems! What on earth should I do?

Nick Barker: Solve them.

Man: OK… I guess I can work on that. When I solve my 83 problems, then what happens?

Nick Barker: You get 83 more.

Man: What the?!?!?

Nick Barker: Actually, mate. Everyone, every single human being, has 83 problems , from the homeless peasant, to the leader of your country. And actually, some people have 84 problems.

Man: What's the 84th problem?

Nick Barker: The 84th problem is when you believe that you're the only other freak that has 83 problems. This is truly the greatest problem.

Do you have 83 problems? Great. Get your thumb out of your arse and solve them. Do you believe you're the only person that has 83 problems? Then you have 84. Solve that one first, then work on the other 83.

Paraphrased from Human Being Curious via Seth Godin's Blog.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Mmmm. Appetizing!

Mmmm. Appetizing!, originally uploaded by glennpeters.

As seen on the window of a classy establishment in the Box Hill shopping centre.

That's Just Nit Picking

There's nothing more satisfying than a brilliantly written bad movie review. The New Yorker's Anthony Lane's Da Vinci Code Review is an utter polaxing.

Enjoy these bits....
There has been much debate over Dan Brown’s novel ever since it was published, in 2003, but no question has been more contentious than this: if a person of sound mind begins reading the book at ten o’clock in the morning, at what time will he or she come to the realization that it is unmitigated junk?
Meanwhile, art historians can sleep easy once more, while fans of the book, which has finally been exposed for the pompous fraud that it is, will be shaken from their trance. In fact, the sole beneficiaries of the entire fiasco will be members of Opus Dei, some of whom practice mortification of the flesh. From now on, such penance will be simple—no lashings, no spiked cuff around the thigh. Just the price of a movie ticket, and two and a half hours of pain.
Yep, that's right up there with the review Spinal Tap copped for their underrated Shark Sandwich album.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wise Words From The World's Coolest Little Vegan Man

According to Boing Boing, Prince won a Lifetime Achievement Award at last night's Webby Awards in New York. His five word acceptance speech: "Everything you think is true."

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Australia 3 Japan 1: The Video Aftermath

The Japanese government have released this stirring rebuttal to help fans cope with constant ribbing from Australian football hooligans.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Rory Of Chicky And Rory Fame Visits Victoria Park!

It was a bigger thrill than being featured on Cute Overload, the 17th biggest blog on the internet.

An even bigger thrill than the over 1000 visitors this site copped in the 24 hours since.

On Wednesday, Rory the top fella who's become world famous for football training with Chicky, his pet alpaca left a comment on my football site, Victoria Park.

It reads like this,
Rory Matthews said...

hello this is Rory. im glad you like our story.
from Rory

Easily the most special thing to happen in my blogging career.

Monday, June 05, 2006

A Boy And His Footballing Alpaca

I can't get enough of 8 year old Rory Matthews and Chicky, his footballing alpaca.

Rory's first game against humans since he made front page news was covered on all the channels' TV news last night.

Chicky watched the game from inside the family car parked behind the goalposts. At half time Rory guzzled water from a huge water bottle. Chicky had milk.

When asked what position Chicky would play if he could, Rory matter of factly stated that due to his strong tackling muscle, Chicky would play the backline, somewhere between centre half back and full back.

Strangely Jet, the border collie, Hamlet, the minature pig and Lu Lu the cockatoo were snubbed by television reporters last night.

Earlier this week Rory's dad told The Daily Telegraph:
"Because he's such a small guy, when he first started playing he was too much of a gentleman and would let everyone else get the ball, so I just threw Chicky out there one day when he was kicking because Chicky has an attitude, and it just started from there.

Now Rory is a tackling tiger. He is a fierce tackler on the field now."

Photos from The Daily Telegraph.

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Best Bargain Ever

IMG_0506, originally uploaded by glennpeters.

My mum couldn't resist peeling this price sticker off a pair of shoes at a local shop today. Word is, the shoes weren't even worth the discount price.