Friday, December 22, 2006

I'd Love Being A Turtle

I found this fellow hanging out on the street on my way to the milkbar earlier today.

Things got strange.

A bloke came out from the house the turtle was outside so I asked if he was looking for his turtle. No, but maybe his next door neighbor might be missing it.

They collect turtles.

I wait with the turtle for ten minutes for the result of the man's investigation.

Me and turtle chat.

Usual seasonal subjects, the drought, hero firefighters, how hectic the shopping malls are at the moment etc. The turtle tells me how he prefers to plan ahead with his Christmas shopping. He starts writing up lists in June.

Just as our conversation got tedious, the man appears with his lovely lady next door neighbor wielding a basket and a towel.

Turns out that none of her turtles had done a runner and this turtle was either a local from one of the nearby parks or an escapee from a few blocks away.

We agreed she take the turtle back to her turtle complex to crash on her son's turtles' couch for a few nights.


Glenn said...

What a lovely Christmas story!

Brett said...

You sure it's not my turtle from back in 1989?

Glenn said...

I thought he looked familiar.